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We set up our organic food company Miniscoff when my wife, Shoo, and I both had demanding jobs and a new baby and were struggling to feed our two-year-old, Freddy. Although in an ideal world we’d all like to cook from fresh for our kids, the reality is that working parents often don’t have the time or energy. But when we looked around for suitable ready meals, convenience always seemed to be at the expense of quality. So Shoo, a magician in the kitchen, had this mad idea and the rest, as they say...

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So we decided to source top-quality organic ingredients to make tasty, nutritional kids’ ready meals that parents could trust. With all our meat and dairy sourced only from British farms. Our meals are made in small batches by hand exactly as you would at home. We’ve proved convenience doesn’t need to be a dirty word.

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Brought up in the countryside in a home where growing your own fruit and veg and cooking from fresh was the norm, I took ‘proper’, wholesome food for granted – and I’ve always been keen for my children to have the same advantage.

Having trained in design, I spent ten years working in the communications and advertising world trying to dress up all sorts of brands and products in meaningful and personable ‘clothing’. Miniscoff was my ‘Ronseal’ moment – here was a product that did exactly what it said on the ‘tin’, tasted great and delivered huge benefits to children, mums and dads and the world around us too. What’s not to like?

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Miniscoff was founded in 1999 from the London flat where we were living at the time. We christened the company Miniscoff after a cook book that my mum used in the 1970s called Superscoff. The meals proved so popular that in 2001 Miniscoff relocated to Holt in Wiltshire where Scoff Central is now based.

All our meals comply with the RDAs for the 1-4 years age group. Salt and sugar levels are kept at modest (but ‘not silly’) levels. For example, salt levels in our meals are between 0.2g and 0.8g compared to recommended RDAs of 2g for 1-4yr olds and  3g for 4-6 yr olds.

We are here to fly the flag for ‘proper meals’ and meal times where you sit down and actually use cutlery… and table manners even! We are swamped with snacking products for children these days. But we believe with a proper, wholesome full square meal inside them, there’ll be a lot less snacking, grazing, picking and general pestering all round. Wouldn’t that be nice.

We have a small but dedicated team at Scoff Central – here are some of the gang. They’ve grown up a little since these pictures were taken, but not a lot!

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